Snowmen for Clegg to Oust Coppens

Level 7: 500/1,000 (1,000)
Entries: 291/397

Albert Coppens three-bet shoved from the big blind for his stack of around 21,000 and was called by Adrian Clegg.

Albert Coppens: A 6
Adrian Clegg: 8 8

Clegg was ahead before the flop and the 7 9 6 flop kept him far ahead while also adding an open-ended straight draw. Coppens was halfway out of his chair before he sat back down when the A turn improved him to two pair.

But despite the friendly turn for Coppens, he lost the hand after the 5 river gave Clegg a straight to win the hand and eliminate his opponent.

Adrian Clegg - 130,000
Albert Coppens - 0

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