Smith Ousts Schallock

Level 25: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries: 35/1,326

It was an incredible run for Caroline Schallock as she was the last woman standing. She came into today with a short stack but with hopes alive. Meanwhile, Steven Smith also came in with a short stack but now he is sitting with a healthy stack after some fireworks with Schallock.

First, Smith doubled through Schallock when his ace-ten got there against tens. A little while later, Schallock just had crumbs in her stack and was in the big blind. Smith had K J and Schallock had no choice but to call with 4 3 . No luck came Schallock's way with the K 4 10 10 9 board giving Smith a better two pair. We hope to see Schallock at the next Malta Poker Festival with an even deeper run.

Just before then, Yossef Cohen and Tom Deschuytter also hit the rail to leave just 35 players remaining.

Steven Smith - 2.3 million
Caroline Schallock - 0
Yossef Cohen - 0
Tom Deschuytter - 0

Caroline Schallock
Caroline Schallock

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