Set of Snowmen for Saadia

Level 2: 100/100 (100)
Entries: 75/78

Eden Azulay and Simon Wilson hit the rail during Level 2 making it three players out of the Day 1b field already.

Table 51 continues to be an action table as it was yesterday with yet another decent pot taking place.

Kjell Sterner check-called a bet of 4,500 into a pot of 7,000 by Elad Saadia with the 4 J 8 K on the board after the turn. Sterner checked again on the 9 river. Saadia fired out for 11,000 and Sterner went into the tank as the call would be for nearly all of his stack. Eventually, Sterner made the call to only to get some bad news. Saadia turned over 8 8 for a set of snowmen and won the hand after Sterner mucked his cards.

Elad Saadia - 45,000
Kjell Sterner - 2,000

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