Sahlin Cracks Aces Before the Break

Level 4: 200/400 (400)
Entries: 298/317

We caught up with Daniel Sahlin at the tail end of the break and he shared that he is on about 130,000 in chips.

It feels like either I am stalking Sahlin or it is the other way around as we have been at the same events the last few festivals I have either covered or played.

Sahlin briefly shared how he got his big stack so we will share what we were told.

It was a multi-way pot according to Sahlin and he nailed two pair to scoop it all with nine-five. He shared one of the players had aces, which is sometimes difficult to let go of even when playing as deep as the early portions of the MPF Grand Main Event provides.

"Next step, 200,000 in chips," Sahlin said as he began to walk back to his table with the action resuming.

We wish Sahlin the best of luck and may he continue to crack aces while not having his aces cracked.

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