Remmerde Loses His Short Stack but Had a Blast

Level 25: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 27/1,326

Hendrik Remmerde recently hit the rail and we decided to have a small chat with him. He shared that he is normally a cash game player and that this was his first live international tournament.

Not a bad run to get all the way to 28th place!

Remmerde shared he had a blast at the Malta Poker Festival and that he will likely play more events in the future now that he has had a great flavor for them at the Malta Poker Festival.

Remmerde said he was down to four big blinds when in the blinds he got it in with seven-five suited and didn't get there against nine-eight offsuit.

We hope to see Remmerde at the Malta Poker Festival when it returns in 2023 and congrats on a great run in his first international event!

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