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Question of the Day : No-Limit Hold'em – Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Your Hand
Small blind


In this hand of a six-max game online it’s folded to the small blind, who completes. You raise to $8 and your opponent calls. The flop comes K 9 4. He checks and you bet $14. He calls. The turn comes 8. He checks and you bet $32. He check-raises to $110.

What should you do?

Correct Answer: Fold

Even a fishy opponent who limps the small blind is seldom going to call the flop then check-raise the turn. He either just sucked out with a hand like K-8 or 89, or he flopped a set or two pair and you were beaten then. Either way, fold and wait for a better spot. Calling is just lighting money on fire.

  • Raise all-in (38%)
  • Fold (38%)
  • Call and reevaluate river (24%)
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