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Question of the Day : No-Limit Hold'em – Tuesday, February 12, 2019

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In a six-max game online, in this hand you raise to $8 and a very tight player calls in the small blind. The flop comes A 4 J and the tight player checks. You bet $14. The tight player calls; the turn comes 2 and he checks.

What should you do?

Correct Answer: Check

Against this type of player (a super tight one) a second barrel is seldom going to work. For him to call a middle-position raise when in the blinds, his worst hand is A-Q once he calls the flop. He is not going to fold for a second barrel, nor will he for a third. So just check now and attempt to get a free card.

  • Fold (1%)
  • Fire a second barrel (35%)
  • Check (63%)
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