Players ITM After Brenden Bubbles Grand Event

Level 18: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)
Entries: 143/1,326

Players are now in the money after Oystein Brenden hit the rail. The hand went down as follows.

Oystein Brenden jammed from middle position for 42,000 and was called by the big-stacked Glen Gaines from the big blind. The floor announced the action after the other tables played out the hands and a big crowd came to Table 3 where the action was taking place.

Oystein Brenden: K J
Glen Gaines: Q 6

As is often the case with a bubble hand, each street was announced with a small pause. It was looking like Brenden's hand would hold after both the A 2 4 flop and the A turn. However, the 6 came raining down on the river and Brenden has bubbled the MPF Grand Event.

A round of applause took place around the poker rooms along with some high-fives even with this reporter with some of the shorter stacked players. We gave a quick hug to Greece's Ioannis Aslanidis who began the day with a big stack but had 180,000 by the time the bubble came around. It is difficult not to get caught up with the excitement.

Congrats to the remaining field of 143 players! You are each in the money for €1,100 with more to come if you are able to run deeper. Best of luck!

Oystein Brenden
Oystein Brenden

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