Players Exiting with a Min-Cash

Level 19: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)
Entries: 127/1,326

The following players cashed in 128th to 143rd places for a min-cash valued at €1,100. The remaining 127 players laddered up €100 and are guaranteed at least a €1,200 payout.

128Giacomo Ferrara€1,100
129Matthew Ross Adams€1,100
130Erik Lars Allan Lindqwist€1,100
131Noel Oliver Studer€1,100
132Skipp Van Den Assem€1,100
133Ronnie Cohen€1,100
134Jorgen Schjetne€1,100
135Tomasz Piotr Brzezinski€1,100
136Hafpor Smari Sigmundsson€1,100
137Aram Mikael Papazian€1,100
138Robrecht Victor Winterink€1,100
139Piotr Rekawiecki€1,100
140Julian Sacco€1,100
141Mikael Andreas Blomvall€1,100
142Erlend Sten Melson€1,100
143Oliver Hutchins€1,100
Matthew Adams
Day 1a Chip Leader Matthew Adams

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