Pazemeckas Off to the CasinoCoin CUP

Level 16: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)
Entries: 243/1,326

Gytis Pazemeckas, who has been crushing events in his home country of Lithuania, had some chips during one of the opening flights but failed to bag in that one. He did eventually find a bag but there wasn't a plethora of chips inside it.

Pazemeckas shared that he is off to play the €1,100 CasinoCoin CUP at 4 p.m. after losing his stack in the Main Event. In his final hand, he got it in with ace-five and was unable to get there against his opponent's cowboys.

Sėkmės, Gyti (good luck, Gytis in Lithuanian) in the CasinoCoin CUP and see you around next week at our local casino in Vilnius.

Gytis Pazemeckas
Gytis Pazemeckas

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