“Nice River to Bluff”

Level 24: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)
Entries: 34/1,326

Leon Campbell checked with the 6 4 8 8 on the board after the turn. Simone Maglianella bet 375,000 into a pot north of 600,000 and Campbell called.

The 5 river completed the board and Campbell checked again. Maglianella jammed for more than the 2 million Campbell had left in his stack. Campbell tanked for a minute before he folded.

"Nice river to bluff with," Campbell said to Maglianella.

Meanwhile, Sean Hopkin busted at a different table to leave 34 players remaining in the field.

Simone Maglianella - 5.5 million
Leon Campbell - 2 million
Sean Hopkin - 0

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