Ladies No Good for Saevarrson

Level 3: 100/200 (200)
Entries: 78/86

Saevar Saevarrson opened for 600 from under the gun. Robert Aleksic three-bet to 1,200 before the player on the button called. The action went back and forth with the player on the button got out of the way before Aleksic eventually jammed for about 36,000. Saevarrson made the call and the two players were flipping for a 75,000 chip pot.

Saevar Saevarsson: Q Q
Robert Aleksic: A K

The queens were ahead for Saevarsson after the 6 4 10 came on the flop. The K turn changed everything with Aleksic pulling far ahead and leaving Saevarsson drawing to just one out. The 7 river didn't help Saevarrson and he was on the rail before the first break.

Robert Aleksic - 85,000
Saevar Saevarsson - 0

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