“Is My Raise OK?”

Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 205/318

A player opened from under the gun before Sasa Radosevic three-bet shoved for 8,200 from one seat over. Samuel Dray four-bet from middle position to 13,500.

The action paused for a little bit by the dealer.

"Is my raise OK?" asked Dray.

Chris Da-Silva, who took third place in the Malta Poker Festival Spring Edition Grand Event earlier this year was quick to share that it was legal. The dealer shortly later did the calculations and determined it was. The action folded back around to the under-the-gun opening player, who opted to fold his hand.

Sasa Radosevic: A 6
Samuel Dray: A Q

It looked it Radosevic would hit the showers but he connected his six with the 4 K 6 flop and never looked back. Neither the 8 turn nor the J river pushed Dray back in front allowing Radosevic to not only stay alive but gain some breathing room.

Samuel Dray - 37,000
Sasa Radosevic - 20,000

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