“I Have Got a Good Hand”

Level 2: 100/200 (200)
Entries: 258/262

The Day 1d continues to grow with 262 entries. Four players have managed to find their way to the rail thus far during Level 2 including Pasquale Delli Santi, Vincent Gouiran, Luciano Cutri, and Joachim Koeberl.

Meanwhile, over on Table 19 there was a little table banter that might have led to Simon Davidson folding pocket jacks if we believe his table talk.

Both Davidson and Dorina Ciocan checked the Q 4 3 flop with about 4,000 in the pot when Scott Rodriguez bet 3,200. Davidson called before Ciocan folded. Davidson checked again on the 8 turn. Rodriguez bet 5,000 and Davidson went into the tank.

"I have a good hand," Rodriguez said as part of the table talk between the two heads-up players.

Eventually, Davidson laid down his hand.

"I had jacks," Davidson said without showing his cards.

"I will show you one," replied Rodriguez.

Instead of showing one cards, he showed the both as he tabled the K Q which would have beaten Davidson's jacks if that is what he had.

Simon Davidson - 47,000
Scott Rodriguez - 45,000

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