“I Have a Pair Bigger Than That Ten”

Level 3: 200/300 (300)
Entries: 275/283

Two players limped before Asif Warris raised it up to 2,200. Clement Haro put out 1,200 and apparently said he wanted to raise. Perhaps he didn't see Warris' bet but he was allowed to call. The other two players folded and the 8 10 5 flop led to some fireworks.

Haro checked before Warris fired out for 5,000. Haro then opted to jam his stack of around 45,000 and Warris went into the tank for a couple of minutes with his tournament life at risk.

"What did he make," Warris said out loud while still tanking.

"I have an over-pair," Warris said. "I have a pair bigger than that ten."

Salvatore Di Dio, who wasn't involved with the hand called for time and the dealer asked for the floor to come over.

Warris wasn't pleased about the fact that Di Dio called the clock but it is within his rights as he is at the table. Before the timer started Warris folded and showed that he made a big laydown with J J .

Clement Haro - 55,000
Asif Warris - 40,000

Asif Warris
Asif Warris

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