Halil Cracks Aces and Sends Two Players to the Rail

Level 4: 200/400 (400)
Entries: 311/337

We caught up to some fireworks with Antonio Chemi five-bet jamming near an opening stack. A couple of players folded before both Gytis Pazemeckas and Hassan Halil, who three-bet and four-bet respectively, called with Halil having both players covered.

Gytis Pazemeckas: Pocket Aces
Antonio Chemi: Pocket Tens
Hassan Halil: Pocket Jacks

It was unlucky for the Lithuanian Pazemeckas straight off the bat after Halil improved to a full house on the six-six-jack flop. Neither a king on the turn nor a five on the river changed the outcome and Halil cracked aces to eliminate Pazemeckas and held against tens to also send Chemi packing.

Hassan Halil - 140,000
Gytis Pazemeckas - 0
Antonio Chemi - 0

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