Gambin Picks Off Gaasand’s Bluff

Level 12: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)
Entries: 112/321

Per Gaasand opened for 7,500 from early position. Alejandro Gambin three-bet to 21,500 from the hijack and Gaasand called.

Gaasand fired out for 27,500 after the Q 10 4 came on the flop and Gambin called. Both players checked after the 9 followed on the turn. The 9 paired the board on the river. Gaasand bet 30,000 and Gambin didn't take too much time to throw out a single chip to call.

Gaasand was slow to turn over his cards. Probably he wanted Gambin to show first so he could muck his hand knowing if he was called he was probably beat. About 15 seconds later, Gaasand turned over the A J and the pot went to Gambin after he turned over K Q to win the hand.

Alejandro Gambin - 320,000
Per Gaasand - 170,000

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