Gaasand and Perry Chop La Ferla’s Stack

Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 152/321

Domenico La Ferla opened for 6,000 from early position. Per Gaassand called from late position and Dean Perry defended his big blind.

A ton of action came after Perry checked the Q 4 K flop. La Ferla bet 11,000. Gaasand called before Perry jammed for about 120,000. La Ferla called off for about 75,000 and Gaasand, who had both players covered with about 180,000 also called.

Domenico La Ferla: A K
Dean Perry: K Q
Per Gaasand: K Q

"Ace! Ace!" La Ferla shouted.

No ace came after the 6 turn and 6 river and Gaasand and Perry chopped up La Ferla's stack with each player holding the same top two pair.

Special thanks to our friend Jon Kyte for sharing the preflop action and confirming the post flop action we witnessed first hand.

Per Gaasand - 220,000
Dean Perry - 160,000
Domenico La Ferla - 0

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