Everyone Loves a Chop

Level 3: 100/200 (200)
Entries: 173/182

Sturla Hiller opened for 500 from under the gun. Younes Jarir three-bet to 2,200 from the small blind. Csaba Illes cold-called from the big blind before Hiller called as well.

Jarir bet 2,000 after the A J J came on the flop. Illes called and Hiller folded. Both players checked the 2 turn before Jarir checked again on the 5 river. Illes bet 8,200 and Jarir went into the tank for close to a minute before he called. Illes turned over A K and the pot was chopped up after Jarir had the same hand with different suits with A K .

Younes Jarir - 65,000
Csaba Illes - 45,000
Sturla Hiller - 15,000

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