Early Bad Beat for “Poker Mama”

Level 1: 100/100 (100)
Entries: 124/124

This reporter always loves seeing Jackie Cachia, known affectionately as "Poker Mama" in Malta, every time he visits this island of paradise.

Poker Mama has made her grand entrance as she never will miss a big event in her home country. Hopefully, Cachia got the bad beats out of her system as the following hand didn't cost her much.

Thomas Hansen bet 2,300 into a pot of slightly more with the J 6 J 6 7 on the board. Poker Mama paused for a moment before she opted to call.

"I have a six," said Hansen as he turned over A 6 for a full house.

Cachia shook her head at the early bad beat before opting to table her A A .

We wish Poker Mama the best of luck on her quest for the MPF Grand Event title.

Thomas Hansen - 55,000
Jackie Cachia - 45,000

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