Disciplined Laydown for Kyte?

Level 7: 500/1,000 (1,000)
Entries: 283/400

Jon Kyte bet 5,000 into a pot of a bit more with the 8 6 3 6 5 on the board. Quentin Roussey raised it to 30,000 and Kyte would have had to put the rest of his 10,500 chip stack in if he made the call.

It didn't take too much time for Kyte to fold and he flash the 8 . Roussey then subsequently flashed the 5 .

Roussey collected the pot and the duo began a small chat.

"I would have just called if all I had was a five," Roussey said.

"What did you have?" asked Kyte.

"I had another five," Roussey responded.

"No, you didn't," Kyte said. "I had eight-five suited."

Roussey insisted he had fives and it appeared that Kyte agreed with Roussey's story.

"So, I got one outed," Kyte said.

Kyte is short but he is one of the best players in Europe, especially in his home country of Norway.

We wish our friend Jon the best of luck to spin it up!

Quentin Roussey - 140,000
Jon Kyte - 10,500

Jon Kyte
Jon Kyte

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