Day 1d Players Bagging and Tagging

"Bag it, tag it, sell it to the butcher in the store," is a fun lyric by the band Phish in the song Reba.

There may not be a butcher in the store, but Day 1d players are bagging their stacks into Day 2.

It might be an hour or so before the chip counts are ready due to the volume of players that bagged chips and the fact that the tournament staff is also busy running the turbo Day 1e.

The Day 1e flight also just ended late registration with 130 entries. This brings the total field size up to 1,326 entries for a huge €636,480 prize pool to smash the €500,000 guarantee slapped on the event.

If the Day 1e flight ends while we are still awake, we will post the chip counts for that flight tonight as well. But it is more likely that this will be posted before noon tomorrow along with the seat draw.

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