Cocco Hits his Flush Draw

Level 5: 300/600 (600)
Entries: 247/276

We caught up with a hand with the 2 Q 10 on the flop with both Dan Persson and Gaetano Cammillieri having 8,200 over the line and Fabrizo Cocco having his full stack of about 25,000 and an all-in triangle in front of him. There wasn't much in the pot at the time so there was likely more postflop action that led up to this point.

Persson folded while Cammilleri tanked for a moment before opting to call.

Fabrizo Cocco: 7 3
Gaetano Cammillieri: Q J

Cammillieri was a bit ahead but Cocco nailed his flush draw after the 9 landed on the turn. Cammillieri still had some outs for a better flush draw but Cocco took down the pot after the blank J river completed the board.

Fabrizo Cocco - 65,000
Gaetano Cammillieri - 50,000

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