ADZ124: Putting Daniel Negreanu on Notice

Published On: 14 April 2010 / Modified: 22 June 2018
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Matt Marafioti

Sorry to those of you who expected another blog from me sooner. I've been busy this month at home catching up with family, after a long month in Vegas, which included all the highs and lows imaginable.

The money I brought down with me began to fly in all directions mid trip, -50k in tournament buyins, -55k in baccarat, my first table-game loss ever (which I took in one night on weed brownies and too many shots of jager betting impulsively), -55k in shopping by the end of the trip and -30k on Stars and Full tilt playing some small cash sessions and whatnot.

It was safe to say at this point, it was going to be very hard to make this trip profitable. I skipped the Indiana WPT and Bay 101 so my only way to really get even was the Wynn Classic, which I busted before the dinner break on day 1.

But other than all of the non-success going on I forgot to mention I was going out every night having the most amazing time ever, getting wasted, going for excellent dinners, enjoying my newfound relationships and doing fun spontaneous stuff that I don't really feel like sharing right now.

There was no lack of good treatment, that's for sure, but it was time to get out of Vegas. We'd been dusting through comps, even the salon bill was over 9k.

Anyways, eventually we managed to make it out of Vegas in one piece and everyone went their separate ways. Dr. Z headed to Buenos Aires, I headed to Toronto with an online poker buddy from Germany and my brother Ryan who had come earlier that week with my dad in fear that I was going brain bust after seeing the clothing receipts and hearing pit game stories.

Matt Marafioti

I wanted Dani to come back to Toronto with me but she goes to school and had to go back to Miami. We had a great time together and are planning to meet up again in the near future which I am definitely looking forward to.

I Live a Better Poker Life

So I get home, start grinding online viciously to play the 50k VPPs by April 1st needed to maintain Elite. I lost about 70k in a session at 100/200 deep playing with Daniel Kid Poker, who attracts a vicious lineup of players every single time he sits and it is actually - EV to play with him because of the other opponents in the game.

I noticed Negreneau thinks he is Durrrr now, widening his four-betting and five-betting range a lot.

One hand I have QQ and make it 600 to go, three callers and kidpoker makes its 2,100 more in the big blind. I make it 5,750 total and he raises me about double my bet like he has kings or aces. Ace and a king on the flop, he checks it down with me and scoops the twenty k pot with his three-out A-Q off.

Kid poker likes to call me out. He was criticizing me for a show we have in the works, with his usual smart remarks, when many people are super interested in the lifestyle of young gamblers and the highs and lows involved in their lives.

Anyways Daniel, I am more marketable than you, I do live a better life off poker and I don't get a free 2 million from PokerStars every year like you do to keep me from going broke (I actually win my money in the game of poker).

If I was given all of the confidence and support you were given, to make you feel like the best in the world, which you are nowhere near by the way, I would also be a much better player.

Since you are so marketable and "walk the walk" I just want you to put your money where your mouth is. Many people have seen me offer Kid Poker HU at any stakes on Stars, and even offer to pay him up to 500$ an hour per table.

I also asked him at the 2010 PCA during high roller event if he wanted to bet 100k on who cashes for more total in the next ten live events we play together.

During this event he was telling me how I was not marketable. I had blinded off the first eight hours of the 25k, still made it all the way to 7th (busted 77 to AK vs Reynolds).

That was a lot farther then DN, starting with 28 blinds instead of 115 because I was busy playing out the 5k 5 handed, eventually busting 10th QQ to AK who went on to win the tourney for 300k.

Anyways Daniel, my challenges still stand, or maybe if you want we could do a cage fighting match for 100k? I would also be very interested in that! So in the future, unless you're going to back it up, do not open your mouth in the 100/200 game on stars, because you're awfully quiet when I see you in person. Just come speak with me face to face.

Ok, gotta catch my plane to San Remo, time for some EPT events including Monte Carlo and followed by the WPT in Paris, a few 20k euro high roller events, and a whole lot of fun! Let you all know how it goes.

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Glenn 2013-10-23 18:56:06

Matt is a first class COCK !

Dean 2011-02-16 20:05:52

Nice lobes hahaha

@ndy_bee 2010-08-22 23:52:34

Hey muppet, ur getting my 2nds mate, i fucked dani too!!! She a good thing!! Enjoy ur next meeting! Later punk...

Carl 2010-07-26 09:42:56

Hey Sam whatsup ? your a fucking deadbeat loser ! watching some 22 year old spoiled idiot kidded called ADZ putting Daniel in his place ?! I bet that little fucker did, hoping to get slapped by Daniel so he can cry and sue for millions...
This blog totally shows your a little fucker with a big ego and a waste for society go get your fucking millions buy a spaceshuttle and go live on the fucking moon you rich piece of spoiled trash..

Sam 2010-07-12 09:42:14

kyle thats great about your cousins, your a fucking loser and everyone is on here to read about his life and not your cousins because they are alot more of them and alot less people who suceed at gambling the way matt has. so what he brags sometimes, you can never tell someones tone over an email or letter. my opinion is the guy is definately a much better poker player then daniel, if he wasnt i am sure daniel would have taken his offer by now, daniel didnt even break even the Wsop, in the 25k six max he was chip leader and didnt even final table with 20 left, what a donk. this guy is such a wash up matt is right he gets put in every tournament and still wins barely any. matt on the other hand played 6-8 world series events and already has 400k in cashes this year and has never had less then 175k in cashes during the series and doesnt play every event. if daniel was remotely even as close to as good as this kid he would have already accepted his heads up offer. he knows he will lose and i was in monte carlo and witnessed adz totally tell daniel off and putting him in his place. i saw it with my own eyes.

kyle 2010-05-17 09:14:49

You are a total looser. I have 3 first cousins in my family that have made millions before the age of 30.. 2 Ivey league Investment Bankers and one Cooper Union Architect based in Paris. Dude these people enjoy themselves and the money they have made young (well above what you will make in your lifetime) but they have class:) not just in how they present themselves but how they interact with people. You are a low life:) What type of family background do you have? lol. Anyone educated? Get a life you loser. Daniel is a straight up descent person, he's marketable because he appeals to anyone and everyone. You sir are a piece of garbage:) Please stay away from the spotlight loser, and keep your mouth shut.

deuce4off 2010-05-17 04:48:12

adz, youre a f*ckin degenerate kid....nobody is tough from canada so how bout you shut your 5 foot nothing, 100 and nothing ass up and do your talking on the tables

you arent tough, so dont act like you are

ned 2010-05-01 00:16:03

Matt, this is Ned...dont let these fairy fagot posters dictate on what you write!
I wanna know what you bought, how much you paid! And who you sleep with, life is short!
I know Matt personally, and he is a great kid with a good heart!
Matt is prob the best poker player in the world if he had some discipline.

d. matt 2010-04-21 00:26:02

who is this little douchebag? Oh, and nice pic of the random Vegas hottie who you happened to be standing next to. lol...this guy gives Doug Lee a run for his money

RollsRoyce 2010-04-20 18:02:05

actually, he lives in a 2 million dollar + house by himself that he fully owns. lol i know him personally. you guys are halarious though.

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