Better Full House for Jarman

Level 1: 100/200 (200)
Entries: 191/192

William Jarman checked with 7,000 in the pot and the 4 3 4 8 10 on the board. Manish Rawal fired out for 3,500. Jarman raised to 16,800 and Rawal went into the tank before he made the call.

Jarman turned over 10 4 for a full house. Rawal shook his head and opted to show that he had a smaller full house with 8 4 . Lucky for Rawal, if this kind of hand took place later in the Day, he would be on the rail. Instead, he still has a decent stack to try to gain momentum with.

Meanwhile, Walter Lustenberger had the honor of being the first Day 1c player on the rail.

William Jarman - 75,000
Manish Rawal - 30,000
Walter Lustenberger - 0

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