Arnsby Runs Into Molmans’ Flush

Level 1: 100/100 (100)
Entries: 147/147

Unibet Poker Head of Network Games Marketing Kat Arnsby is in the house and already battling it out in the Day 1b field. Over the years, Arnsby has contributed tons to the poker player community and enjoys the banter surrounding the game.

You should check out Kat's Twitter under the handle ThePokerBaffler if you love poker banter and her unique insights.

Unfortunately as was the case with Poker Mama, things didn't start off peachy clean for Arnsby.

In a recent hand, Nicky Molmans made a pot-sized bet of 4,500 with the A 5 K 3 4 on the board. Kat tossed in a chip to make the call.

"Flush?" Arnsby asked?

It was indeed a flush with Molmans turning over J 5 for the second-nuts. Arnsby would have raised if she had the actual nuts, so it is of no surprise her hand went into the muck.

We wish Kat the best of success during Day 1c!

Nicky Molmans - 55,000
Kat Arnsby - 45,000

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