Alvetjarn Catapults to Triple Starting Stack

Level 4: 200/400 (400)
Entries: 243/263

We were watching a hand at Table 2 when Ladies First! host Katie Swift shared that fireworks took place a moment ago in a hand won by Stefan Alvetjarn. Alvetjarn recapped a hand but others at the table also chimed in with some details.

Alvetjarn opened from early position to 1,100 and got three players to call to see the Q 6 3 flop. The table wasn't able to recall the amount, but Valliuns Latrompete was the first to actively bet and two players called in Rolands Eversons and Alvetjarn. The 2 followed on the turn. Alvetjarn checked. Latrompete bet 5,700. Eversons called before Alvetjarn raised to 18,000. Both Latrompete and Everson called before the 8 river completed the board.

Alvetjarn jammed a big stack. Both of his opponents folded. Shortly after, Alvtjarn turned over 5 4 for the nut straight and is now on about 155,000 in chips.

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