Alonso Loses His Short Stack on the River

Level 28: 75,000/150,000 (150,000)
Entries: 13/1,362

Mike Alonso doubled his short stack once and was looking to do it again. He nearly did and here's how.

Alonso jammed for 775,000 from the cutoff. Luigi D'Alterio asked for a count from the big blind before calling moments later.

Mike Alonso: A 2
Luigi D'Alterio: 3 3

Alonso was behind when the chips went in but his hopes must have been sky-high after the turn with the 4 J Q A running out on the board. The table gasped in amazement after the 3 river spiked the board to improve D'Alterio to a set and send Alonso to the rail.

Luigi D'Alterio - 5.6 million
Mike Alonso - 0

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