Ace-Jack Good Suited for Morris

Level 3: 200/300 (300)
Entries: 280/293

A new table opened up and we dropped by to say hello to Gytis Pazemeckas as we both live in the same city of the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. Pazemeckas has been on a heater in his home country appearing on a few final tables of local Main Events and is looking to do the same in the MPF Grand Event.

We had to stop chatting as he got involved in a hand. He didn't win the hand, but it isn't how you start, but rather how you finish in a poker tournament.

The action began with Ian Morris opening from the hijack for 700 and was called by Giovanni Gaggia from the cutoff. Pazemeckas three-bet to 2,500. Morris called and Gaggia folded.

Both players checked after the 7 Q A landed on the flop before Morris check-called a bet of 3,000 by Pazemeckas after the 10 turn. The 10 river paired the board and both players checked again. Morris showed his A J and won the hand with two-pair with aces-over-tens after Pazemeckas mucked his cards.

Sėkmės (good luck in Lithuanian) to Pazemeckas in his quest for MPF Grand Event glory and to Morris as well who is already going in a positive direction.

Ian Morris - 57,000
Gytis Pazemeckas - 44,000

Gytis Pazemeckas
Gytis Pazemeckas

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