Lombardo Doubles Through Laudet

Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)
Entries: 188/414

The hand began simply enough with Jan Nagler limping from middle position. Simone Lombardo jammed for 29,000 from the cutoff before Julien Laudet four-bet shoved for 106,000 from the button.

Nagler went into the tank for several minutes during which time he asked for a count of Laudet's stack before he folded. He predicted ace-seven for Lombardo and ace-ten for Laudet. He was correct about Laudet but a little bit off about Lombardo.

Simone Lombardo: A Q
Julien Laudet: A 10

The 4 7 5 9 A board gave both players a pair of aces. Lombardo's queen kicker came into play and he doubled through Laudet instead of hitting the rail.

Julien Laudet - 79,000
Simone Lombardo - 66,000

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