WSOPC: Chris Ferguson wins at Lake Tahoe

Circuit Title #3!
Jesus is the only player to have won three WSOPC titles.

Chris "Jesus" Ferguson won the 2007 Harvey's Tahoe World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) championship event. Two spectacular hands in a row sealed the deal for Ferguson, who is now the only player to have won three WSOPC events.

When Sylvester Geoghegan busted out fourth, Ferguson, who had started the final table with a significant chip lead, was in second place, just ahead of Mark Bonsack.

Dustin Fox was in command with almost $200,000 more in chips than Ferguson, but things were to turn around quickly. It wasn't due to a miracle, however, just solid poker play from Jesus.

First, Ferguson eliminated Bonsack in third place. The 2000 WSOP Main Event champion made trip jacks on the turn, and called when Bonsack bluffed all-in with only ace-high and no draw. Jesus won the huge pot, and took over the chip lead.

In the very next hand, Ferguson raised to $90,000, and Fox called. This is how the rest of the pot is described in the Live Tournaments Section here at

"The flop came 2s-7c-10s and Ferguson checked it. Fox bet out $100k and the deliberate Ferguson spent some time considering the call. He made it and the flop came Kd.

"Jesus checked again and this time Fox moved all-in. This had to be the quickest call Jesus made the entire tournament, felting pocket tens for the set. Fox had pocket aces and needed an ace on the river to prevent the rockets from being cracked. It was not to be though, as the Jc river ended the local boy's dream of a hometown circuit event win."

Ferguson received $203,751 and a WSOPC ring for his historic victory. Runner-up Dustin Fox got $119,333 for his efforts.

In the Live Tournaments Section you'll find hand reports, photos and results from the final table. We also have an exclusive interview with the champ, and an extensive recap blog written by star reporter Matt Showell.

Note: Ferguson won the 2005 WSOPC Harrah's Rincon ($655,220) in February, and the 2005 WSOPC Harrah's Las Vegas ($362,088) in September.

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