WSOP 3-Bet: Jorryt Magic, Jacobson Zone, Who Needs $10m?

Not keeping Felix Stephensen up at night.

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Today in the 3-Bet Jorryt van Hoof continues the trend of Magic: The Gathering players crushing poker, Martin Jacobson finds the zone in the biggest poker tournament of the year and Felix Stephensen isn't losing any sleep over the idea of $10m up top in November.

1) JvH + MtG = WSOP $$$$

Back-to-back bracelets for Justin Bonomo and Brock Parker. Perpetual deep runs from Gabe Nassif. Brian Tate crushing Bobby's Room. Now Jorryt van Hoof is chip leader heading into the November Nine.

The 2014 WSOP definitely reinforced our perception that Magic: The Gathering is a pretty awesome training ground for poker.

We're not saying you need to run a gaming store, like van Hoof did (as he explains below), but still. Might be worth picking up a deck or something.

2) Martin Jacobson Finds the Zone

If a poker player could pick an optimal time to play and run pure, even for just a few hours, the Main Event is it.

Sweden's Martin Jacobson lived out that dream this year. Chip leader after Day 1a. No losing levels for the first four (4!) days. On to the November Nine 8th in chips but still with plenty of time to make a move.

Likely the best and most experienced tourney pro left, Jacobson also picked the optimal year to reverse his 0-6 string at the Main Event with a crazy $10m guaranteed up top this time.

Jacobson says he found himself "in the zone" from the onset and, if he can find a way in November to pick up right where he left off, it wouldn't be a surprise to see him holding those bricks of cash up along with his Swedish flag:

3) Felix Stephensen: "I Don't Need 10 Million"

Speaking of that $10m up top ... one player not in the least bit intimidated by the life-changing prize money available to this year's Main Event winner is apparently Norway's Felix Stephensen.

The first-ever Norwegian to make the final nine, that infamous Scandinavian social safety net seems to have Stephensen in the right frame of mind to play unhindered by the big cash up top.

In fact, he can't even think of what to do with $10m. We have a feeling people might have a few suggestions for him. More from Stephensen below:

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