WPT sponsors charity tournament at MTV Movie Awards

One of the perks of being a celebrity at different events are the gift bags. For the celebrity who's tired of new cell phones and perfumes, at this year's MTV Movie Awards some will be able to pick up a seat in a charity poker tournament.

The World Poker Tour is sponsoring GBK's Celebrity Poker Tournament, which 18 celebrities will get the opportunity to play in as a gift item in the GBK gift suite at the MTV Movie Awards.

The winner of the charity tournament will be given $10,000 to award to the charity of their choice.

On top of that, the winner will also have the choice of either a Lex Diamond watch or a ProSun Tanning System that can be used to tan while taking a shower.

None of the celebrities who play will walk away empty handed either. All who take part in the charity event will be given a spot in the next WPT Celebrity Invitational, which is worth $25,000.

Oother opportunities for celebrities to make a difference for charities will also be available in the gift suite. This one will have four specific charities represented: Clothes off Our Back, Project Angel Food, Creative Coalition and Kevin Bacon's 6 Degrees.

"My main goal for these non-profits is that they have the opportunity to meet as many celebrities as possible to potentially get them involved in their causes," said Gavin Keilly, from GBK.

Along with giving celebs a chance to make a difference, they'll still be able to pick up the usual gifts from vendors as well including massages, beauty products, clothing, children's items and more.

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