WPS expands bar poker league to Wisconsin

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The Bar Poker League will have venues in Wisconsin starting in September, according to the league's creator the World Poker Store.

WPS announced this week it had expanded into Wisconsin, spreading its services and the Bar Poker League even further across the U.S. It also opened up another corporate office in Fort Myers, Fla., in order to support the Bar Poker League and gaming partners in the Southeast.

"As part of the company's growth initiatives, offices in Minnesota, The Netherlands and now Florida will serve as headquarters for operations in their respective regions both domestic and overseas," says the company in a press release.

According to Greg Needham, WPS vice president of marketing and business development, the company felt another office in Florida was necessary to support the multiple business models in each are the company has expanded into.

"The expansion of the league to Wisconsin is a prime example of how our Minnesota offices will allow us to open throughout the Midwest, and we expect similar impact in Europe and the Southeast region of the U.S.," Needham said.

"We are excited to launch the league in Wisconsin and look forward to adding more venues to the Bar Poker League tournament family."

The company already had successful operations running in Minnesota and Florida before heading into Wisconsin and Europe. There are also plans to expand the league into 23 other U.S. states where it will be legal to set up the games.

The league continues to add new members and open new venues for its free No-Limit Hold'em games as well. It currently has more than 100 tournaments running per week in bars and restaurants.

To help with expansion and taking the Bar Poker League and the World Poker Store into the future, the company recently added several top poker pros from around the world to its advisory board.

Bar Poker League Feeling Florida for Expansion

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