World record: Largest bad beat jackpot of all time

Good Reinforcement

The largest bad beat jackpot ever, worth a total of $1.2 million, was won by a Carbon Poker player from New York City.

RUGGIO (not to be confused with Rufio) was awarded $417,396 for his share of the jackpot after his straight flush was beaten by a higher straight flush.

Not bad for a player playing a $100 maximum buy-in No-Limit game.

The winner of the hand, a Northwestern University student with the handle AELANI, took home just under $209k for his winning hand.

When the fountain of chips started raining down his screen, telling RUGGIO he won a part of the world-record jackpot, his first reaction was excitement at being able to pay for his tuition and leave school with a degree, debt free.

Not many players playing at 50¢/$1 stakes will ever make over $100,000 playing poker, never mind over $400,000. Even after the jackpot has been won, the current bad beat jackpot on Carbon Poker is already worth over $240,000.

If you have a hand as strong as quad sevens or better, and you get beat by a better hand, you'll be the next player to make over $100,000 in a single hand.

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gregg 2009-03-09 18:18:00

Its a shame that the caron software actually dosnt shower chips, all that happened when it was won is that the reload screen popped up asking him to reload, nothing exciting at all! Very dissapointing.

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