World Poker Dealer Championship begins this weekend in Las Vegas

When the time comes to shuffle up and deal this weekend for a tournament at Binion's Horseshoe Gambling Hall and Hotel in Las Vegas, dealers will be dealing to a select group of their fellow dealers from around the world for the World Poker Dealer Championship.

The four-day event features an Omaha Hold'em Eight-or-Better tournament Sunday, Limit Hold'em Monday, Seven-Card Stud Tuesday, and No-Limit Hold'em Wednesday. All buy-ins are $1,000 with a $100 entry fee, and the only players allowed are dealers.

All public card rooms worldwide were invited to send one of their dealers to represent them at the tournament. They will be required to wear the uniform and name badges of their casino or card room.

The person selected has to be currently working and have worked as a dealer at the card room they're representing for at least six months prior to the starting date of the events. Winners will also be required to show proof of employment.

The casino or card room was allowed to either directly select the dealer they wanted to send, or they could host a satellite poker event to determine who their representative would be.

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