WCOOP Event #8 is over

The World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) has declared a winner in its Event #8, the No-Limit Hold'em $1,000 + $50 guaranteed $1 million tournament.

The event took place this past Sunday, September 11th and boasted a player turn out of 1,790, which boosted the prize pool to a whopping $1,790,000. A total of 180 places were paid, with first to fourth place finishers receiving sums in the six figures. The tournament began at 4:30 p.m. (EST) and ended at 4:29 a.m. (EST). Starting chip count for each player was $2,500.

One of the final table contestants, VikingVII, actually won his seat to this million dollar event by participating in a Frequent Player Point freeroll event. Another player at the final table, bILiaRds, was playing his second final table in the WCOOP, having cashed in Event #1. And, a third player at the table, animalmother, is a pro who has been playing for 30 years. These players were joined by the following opponents at the start of Event #8's final table:

1. DJ16097 (Delray Beach, CA) $395,617
2. Dewana (Madison Heights, MI) $383,118
3. jerrod (Avon, CT) $720,720
4. animalmother (Las Vegas, NV) $722,962
5. Illuminee (Borlange, Sweden) $415,298
6. ayaz (Houston, TX) $283,510
7. ElkY (Seoul, Korea) $293,761
8. VikingVII (Petaluma, CA) $1,178,582
9. bILiaRds (Tucson, AZ) $81,432

As final table play progressed, bILiaRds was knocked out in ninth place, followed by ElkY, Dewana, animalmother, Illuminee, jerrod, ayaz, and DJ16097, leaving VikingVII to collect the first place prize of $316,638.

The final table results are as follows:

1st VikingVII (Petaluma, CA) $316,638.00
2nd DJ16097(Delray Beach, CA) $223,519.00
3rd ayaz (Houston, TX) $238,493.00
4th jerrod (Avon, CT) $112,770.00
5th Illuminee (Borlange, Sweden) $91,290.00
6th animalmother (Las Vegas, NV) $71,600.00
7th Dewana (Madison Heights, MI) $53,700.00
8th ElkY (Seoul, Korea) $37,232.00
9th bILiaRds (Tucson, AZ) $24,523.00

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