(VIDEO) Incredible True Story of 1st Dog To Play WSOP Main Event

Grizzie WSOP
"An emotional tour de force." - New York Times Magazine

Sometimes a player comes along that changes the way we think about poker.

This year at the World Series of Poker Grizzie the dog took on the poker establishment and bent societal species-boundaries until they broke.

Grizzie's biggest dream was to play the WSOP Main Event and she came all the way to Las Vegas to make that dream a reality.

But there was one big obstacle standing in her way.

This new poker dogumentary follows Grizzie's struggles against the prejudices that rule the major poker tournament circuit.

Featuring Grizzie's best friend Tatjana Pasalic and famous social justice warrior Cate Hall, this story reminds us all to follow our dreams no matter what's standing in our way.

The story has twists, turns and an emotional climax that will leave your eyes wet and your heart bursting.

Check out the full video below and make sure to share with your friends to inspire them to follow their dreams too.

Click here to follow PokerListings.com's live coverage of the 2016 WSOP Main Event.

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