UltimateBet.com signs Anthrax guitarist

Scott Ian

Scott Ian will be looking to shred some online poker tables in the near future.

The Anthrax guitarist is UltimateBet's newest online pro and will represent the online poker room in both Internet and live games.

"We're thrilled to add Scott Ian to our roster of online poker professionals," stated UltimateBet.com spokesperson George MacLean. "Scott represents a new breed of poker player that both Texas Hold'em and music fans can relate to."

Ian rose to fame in the poker world by winning VH1's Rock Stars of Poker Tournament and receiving a seat into the 2007 Aruba Poker Classic. Ian has since discounted his victory at the VH1 tournament as beginner's luck.

"I had no idea what I was doing," he said. "My first tournament win was mostly because I had amazing cards. My instinct was all I had."

Things have changed considerably since then, however. Ian received personal training from both Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke while he was in Aruba to upgrade his game.

Hellmuth and Duke were just the beginning. Ian went on to learn what he says was the equivalent of 10 years of poker lessons from UtimateBet's online pros. He learned from guys like Shawn Rice, KrazyKanuck, P0ker H0 and Debo34, and now he's on that roster.

Ian's career in music has spanned three decades. As a founding member of Anthrax, he helped create the new wave of American heavy metal, and has won numerous awards for his musical talent.

As a member of UltimateBet, Ian will be featured every Sunday in UltimateBet.com's $200,000 Guaranteed poker tournament with a bounty on his head. The online poker player who knocks the Anthrax guitarist out of the tournament will win their $215 buy-in back.

UltimateBet.com is one of the Web's premier poker sites and offers a variety of high-stakes games. To learn more about the site click here.

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