UB Pros Challenge Each Other

Joe Sebok
First up: The chance to jump out of a plane with Joe Sebok.

Team UB is running a popularity contest between its pros.

The UB.com Pro Freeroll Challenge is set to pit Team UB pros against one another to see who can draw the most players to a $2k freeroll.

The challenge will consist of six freerolls spread out over the next year. Each will be hosted by a Team UB pro who will be asked to sweeten the $2,000 prize pool by adding a lifestyle or once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The pro that draws the most players to his or her freeroll won't just be taking home bragging rights either. The winner will be declared king or queen of the UB.com Pro Freeroll Challenge and receive $2,500 from UB for a night on the town in Las Vegas.

Plus, the Team UB pro who attracts the lowest number of players will be forced to play concierge, doing anything the winner asks to facilitate the night.

UB is also adding an additional $500 to the Pro Freeroll Challenge prize, which the winner may use to tip the losing Team UB pro at his or her discretion.

Once it's all through, the winning Team UB pro will chronicle his or her experience on the UB Blog.

Joe Sebok will be the first Team UB pro to step up to the plate by hosting the first freeroll Feb. 17 and offering the winner a chance to go skydiving with him in Las Vegas.

Should the winner of Sebok's Leap of Faith freeroll prefer to remain grounded, UB is promising to substitute the skydiving experience for something just as exciting.

In addition to Sebok, Team UB consists of Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke, Brandon Cantu, Liv Boeree, Michael Binger, Tiffany Michelle and a host of other top pros.

For more information check out UB.

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