Tweet Relief: T-Minus Three Weeks for Octo-Niners

Final table
The 2012 October Nine

It seems like just yesterday that Gaelle Baumann was eliminated to set the October Nine but in less than three weeks the final nine will play to a winner.

In the months since the final table was set the October Nine have been featured in numerous mainstream media outlets and almost every one of them played the prestigious World Series of Poker Europe.

We thought this would be a good time to catch up on what’s been going in their lives via the magic that is Twitter.

What follows is a collection of highlight Tweets from Octo-Niners over the last week including a bonus tweet from Elisabeth Hille who apparently hasn’t let her $590k score go to her head.

Noticeably absent are the Twitter-less Michael Esposito, Steven Gee and Andras Koroknai.

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