Traffic Report: Full Tilt tops 10k traffic mark

Full Tilt Poker has already hit another traffic record for its cash games just a week after recording its previous best traffic day.

On Sunday, Full Tilt Poker saw an average of 10,186 players hitting the cash-game tables at the online poker site. That tops the 9,936 average players set on Jan. 4, and the previous record of 9,704 set in 2008.

The daily traffic breakdown is an average of player volume by hour over a 24-hour period playing cash games.

Normally we'd see some nosebleed pots being played on a day with such high traffic, but this time around the action seems to have been more on the smaller side. That doesn't mean there weren't some stacks of cash being shoved around.

At a $100/$200 No-Limit Hold'em table, luckexpress10 and youreamaniac played the biggest hand of the day, with luckexpress10 turning a 9 4 into a $39,600 pot win.

Click the icon to watch the hand play out, or read the history below.

Game: $100/$200 - youreamaniac Date: Jan. 11, 2009 9:19:54 a.m. ET Hand ID: 9978538936

Table Setup

luckexpress10: Seat 1 - Stack size: $30,888. youreamaniac: Seat 2 - Stack size: $30,592. youreamaniac posts small blind of $100. luckexpress10 posts big blind of $200.


Dealing down cards. youreamaniac raises $500. luckexpress10 raises $2,000. youreamaniac calls $1,600.

Flop [8 9 J]

luckexpress10 checks. youreamaniac checks.

Turn 8 9 J [4]

luckexpress10 bets $2,600. youreamaniac calls $2,600.

River 8 9 J 4 [2]

luckexpress10 bets $15,000. youreamaniac calls $15,000. luckexpress10 shows 9 4. youreamaniac mucks. luckexpress10 wins $39,600.

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