tomgus456 wins PokerStars Sunday Million

Gotta Get that Paper, Dog

Despite plenty of competition PokerStars Sunday Million is consistently the biggest dance in online poker.

This Sunday nearly 7,800 players logged on and gave the tournament their best shot with hundreds of thousands of dollars being awarded.

tomgus456 was the big winner of the day and managed to take down the Sunday Million for $189,487. It's not tomgus456 first major online victory as he won a Bodog $100,000 event in January. tomgus456 beat Eric "Rizen" Lynch in heads-up play in the Bodog event.

This week's PokerStars Sunday Million was a repeat of the 2006 Olympic Hockey final with Finland vs. Sweden, tomgus456 representing Finland while haxxorie hails from Sweden.

Because of a deal the top three players three finishers each received over $100,000 each. Not bad for a day's work.

The Sunday Million wasn't the only special event running on PokerStars, however. Ryan "Daut44" Daut finished one place above Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier in the PokerStars $5,200 Freezeout. Daut won $72,019 for his efforts while ElkY had to settle for $27,981. Ironically Ryan Daut is perhaps best known for winning the 2007 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, an event that Grospellier managed to win this year.

Because of a three-way deal in the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up InterTony managed to win the event and cash for $70,321 but guyguy12 actually won the most money, $75,027, for coming in second. chuckchuk finished third for $60,259.

Here's a look at the complete results:

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up Final Table Results
Based on finishing order and three-way deal

1. InterTony (United States) $70,321.90
2. guyguy12 (Israel) $75,027.19
3. chuckchuk (Canada) $60,259.95
4. INW85 (Sweden) $31,720.00
5. Zauron111 (Denmark) $24,868.48
6. StoneCold17 (Canada) $18,397.60
7. TiltHappens (United States) $13,322.40
8. bdubs3737 (United States) $8,374.08
9. AMausi08 (Switzerland) $4,948.32

PokerStars $5,200 Freezeout Results
Based on finishing order and two-way deal

1. Daut44 (United States) $72,019.00
2. ElkY (France) $27,981.00

PokerStars Sunday Million Final Table Results
Based on finishing order and three-way deal

1. tomgus456 (Finland) $189,487.25
2. haxxories (Sweden) $115,654.19
3. 4JesseJames4 (United States) $102,844.96
4. mbouh (Canada) $62,288.00
5. SitAndStack (United States) $46,716.00
6. Wibez (Sweden) $34,258.40
7. UNLEASHED66 (United States) $24,136.60
8. david_a (Sweden) $14,014.80
9. scoots_mc (United States) $9,187.48

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