Tom Dwan rakes $400k pot from LarsLuzak

Tom Dwan
Getting sick of this guy yet?

Although most followers of high-stakes poker are still desperate to see the durrrr Challenge begin with Tom Dwan versus Patrik Antonius, it was instead another prominent Finnish player who faced the wrath of durrrr last night.

We're talking about Sami "LarsLuzak" Kelopuro, who put in a big session against Dwan at the $500/$1,000 level.

Kelopuro and Dwan faced off in No-Limit Hold'em, which was a change from the standard Pot-Limit Omaha that has been monopolizing high-stakes online action.

Dwan and Kelopuro were sitting deep at GusHeaven when Dwan was dealt the monster that is T 7. It was good enough for a bet of $3,000 from the button, and Kelopuro decided to raise to $11,500.

Dwan called and the flop came T 3 2. Kelopuro fired out a bet of $14,000 and Dwan called. The turn came K, giving Dwan a flush draw to go with his pair. Yet it was once again Kelopuro who decided to fire, this time for $36,000.


Dwan called again and the final card on the board came 7, giving the New Jersey kid two pair. Kelopuro fired a third bullet worth $88,000, and Dwan went all-in for his last $229,785.

Kelopuro only had $57,194 left behind and quickly made the call. Dwan showed his two pair and Kelopuro threw his hand into the virtual muck.

Make that one $413,389 pot for Dwan, good enough to be the fifth-biggest No-Limit Hold'em pot of 2009 thus far.

It's worth noting that the third-largest pot of 2009 also featured Dwan versus Kelopuro. In that hand Dwan won $446,559 from the respected Finnish poker player.

There's still no word as to when the durrrr Challenge will begin, but we're hearing that it might kick off tonight, as Antonius is ready to go.

To see exactly how the Dwan vs. Kelopuro hand went down, check out the hand replayer below:

Tom Dwan pulls it off

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