TerrorOfSweden Denies Antonius Allegations

Mohamad Kowssarie
Mohamad "TerrorOfSweden" Kowssarie

Mohamad Kowssarie fired back at Patrik Antonius on Friday calling recent cheating allegations “ungrounded.”

The latest issue of a Swedish poker magazine featured an article where Antonius alleged Kowssarie sent a trojan virus through MSN so he could read the Finn’s hole cards in a sessiion several years ago.

Antonius was reminded when he saw Kowssarie playing EPT San Remo last month.

Kowssarie was shocked by the allegations, especially considering the amount of time that has passed since he played online poker against Antonius.

“After seven years he publically accused me of [cheating] without any evidence or facts,” Kowssarie said while playing the 2012 Aussie Millions Main Event.

Kowssarie, who played under the screen names Fast_Freddie, TerrorOfSweden and TheTerrorist, famously won a $465,000 pot against Johnny Lodden in 2006 – which was the biggest ever at the time.

He is also a polarizing figure in the poker industry and has been called a cheater by Johnny Lodden in the past. The Swede also denied those allegations at the time.

"Played Some Pretty Interesting Pots with Patrik"

Kowssarie maintained he’s up about $200k-$300k on Antonius in his lifetime and has proof that he never cheated the Finnish pro.

“I’ve played some pretty interesting pots with Patrik,” said Kowssarie. “These pots were for $150-$240k and they give the truth in one screenshot.”

Kowssarie plans on going back to the Swedish poker magazine and giving them his version of the story.

“He has no grounds for that accusation and there is no proof,” said Kowssarie.

Of course Lodden was the first player to accuse Kowssarie of cheating but he says the two have reconciled somewhat over the last few years.

“He said he didn’t care about the past and what’s happened.

"I think the media skewed what he was actually trying to say. We had a few drinks one night and that was the impression I got.

"He has to speak for himself obviously.”

Kowssarie certainly isn’t facing any controversy in the 2012 Aussie Millions Main Event.

On the second break of Day 4 he was fourth in chips with 1.7 million and has a legitimate shot at making the final table, which is set for Jan. 29.

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