Tapie Slams Ferguson Rumors, Deal on Track for Feb.

Laurent Tapie.

Laurent Tapie has vehemently denied the recent rumor Full Tilt Owner Chris “Jesus” Ferguson may be holding up the BTG acquisition of Full Tilt Poker.

In an interview with iGamingFrance, the Director of the Bernard Tapie Group called the story “totally false” and said the deal is on track to be completed by the end of February.

Said Tapie:

"This (story) is totally false. Chris Ferguson has no problem with regard to the completion of the takeover agreement, which is now imminent.

"Even if Chris Ferguson wanted to oppose it (which is not the case), he would not be able to because the agreement has already been validated.

"Now that the due diligence process is nearly complete, and unless there are last minute surprises, we hope to do the deal by the end of February."

The original story published by Subject: Poker involved the investigation of several bank accounts in the name of Pocket Kings Ltd that were ostensibly under the personal control of Ferguson and to which he “funneled” money.

According to Subject: Poker, $14.3 million of an estimated $60 million was not withdrawn and instead was used to cover Full Tilt’s post-Black Friday expenses.

The insinuation of a possible delay came in the deal from the suggestion Ferguson and his lawyer Ian Imrich are seeking an accounting of the money spent post-Black Friday and may pursue legal action to reclaim any money “spent improperly.”

As reported in the original story, this may or may not even be possible and no sources were named.

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