Taking Chips: Top 10 Weekly Winners/Losers

Philippe D'Auteuil
Phil "takechip" D'Auteuil

Phil “takechip” D’Auteuil and Ilari Sahamies smashed their way to the top of the online charts over the last week.

After more than a month of non-stop huge live tournaments including the WSOPE and EPT London, the big name players returned to the high stakes online games in a big way this week. 

Ilari Sahamies, Brian Hastings and Phil Galfond were just a few of the noted players to return to the virtual felt. 

Expect action to heat up considerably next week when the final stragglers return from EPT San Remo and set about finishing their 2011 online campaign on a strong note.

For more information on the high stakes games from the last week be sure to check our online poker stats section. Below you’ll find a complete breakdown of the top 10 winners and losers over the last week. 

Top 10 Biggest Winners Online

Any way you look at it, Phil “takechip” D’Auteuil had an absolutely massive week.

The French Canadian crushed his way to $637k in profit over 7,347 hands. Not the most well-known poker pro in the world, D’Auteuil is nevertheless killing it this year with close to $1 million in online poker profit.

The trash talking pro is perhaps best remembered for coming in fifth place in the 2008 edition of PokerStars EPT London.

D’Auteuil certainly wasn’t the only player to stack countless players over the week as Ilari Sahamies was up to his old tricks playing 1,261 and winning $207k.

Benny Spindler, who just happened to win EPT London a few weeks ago for $1.1 million, picked up another $150k this week in the online games. It’s looking to be one hell of a year for the German pro once the final chip is tallied.

Here’s a look at the top 10 biggest winners this week:

Takechip: +$637,957
Ilari FIN: +$207,189
Benny “toweliestar” Spindler: +$150,328
!P0krparty?: +$139,322
ChaoRen160: +$137,004
SkaiWalkurrr: +$114,276
Ben86: +$110,882
phounderAA: +$108,178
RivalzZz: +$99,232
sat1337en: +$88,266

Top 10 Biggest Losers Online

There’s a good chance Richard “nutsinho” Lyndaker wishes he would have skipped online poker altogether over the last week as he lost an astonishing $474k over 3,806 hands.

The American-born pro has had an absolutely miserable year and is now down well over $1 million. Lyndaker will need to go on a serious heater if he wants to get out of the red before the year concludes.

Bluefire Poker instructor Phil “MrSweet28” Galfond also had a terrible week losing a total of $173k.

Galfond, who’s been living in Vancouver, Canada, to play online poker, got off to a start in his new home but peaked at just over $500k and has trended down since then. On the plus side he’s still up $300k this year.

Meanwhile Brian “aba20” Townsend did nothing to improve his cause this year by dropping $66k. Townsend is holding on to a slim profit of $44k in 2011.

Here’s a look at the top 10 biggest losers this week:

Richard “nutsinho” Lyndaker: -$474,710
VietRussian: -$239,299
Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond: -$173,657
LiangYu: -$145,946
mTw-DaviN: -$108,786
PokerNoob999: -$81,389
Halozination: -$69,789
tuff_shark: -$69,420
PimpyLimpy: -$67,443
aba20: -$66,954

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