SuperStars Showdown: Haxton Bests Isildur1

Isaac Haxton
Isaac Haxton

Team PokerStars Pro Isildur1 was beaten by Isaac “philivey2694” Haxton in the first edition of the SuperStars Showdown last night.

It took a little more than four hours for Haxton and Isildur1 to burn through 2,500 hands with a very high-profile rail that included Kevin “ImaLucSac” MacPhee, Chad “lilholdem954” Batista and Daniel Negreanu taking in the action.

Haxton and Isildur1 started the session by buying in for $10,000 at four $50/$100 tables. The rules of the challenge stated that whoever was ahead by 2,500 hands or won $150,000 would be crowned the champion.

Isildur1 drew first blood in the event by winning an early $17,000 pot when he rivered a flush with K T.

The lead didn’t last and after about one hour of play Haxton laid a sick beat on Isildur1 with Q-J beating QQ.

The suckout seemed to ignite Haxton’s game and by the 820th hand he had built a lead of $16,500.

It didn’t last, however, as Isildur1 rivered a flush with 7 6 and raked in a $34k pot. After winning a series of smaller hands Isildur1 was suddenly the one in charge but that wouldn't last either.

Around the 1,000-hand mark Isildur1 was leading by $31,099 and Haxton started to make a serious comeback.

First Haxton scooped a large pot by making it to showdown against Isildur1 with ace-high but a better kicker.

Shortly after the ace-high hand, Haxton hit a flush against Isildur1 and then had the fortune of getting Isildur1 to shove a flopped pair of threes into his aces up.

With 471 hands to go Isildur1 started to take a few more risks and paid the price in the last 100 hands when Haxton won a session-defining $44k pot.

In the hand both players flopped a pair of nines but Haxton eventually secured the pot by having a superior kicker.

When the 2,500th hand was finally played, Haxton found himself up $41,701 and therefore the winner of the first SuperStar Showdown.

Although another opponent has yet be picked, PokerStars representatives did say there will be another SuperStar Showdown very shortly, perhaps at the PCA in the Bahamas.

In other high stakes news Patrik Antonius was the biggest winner on Full Tilt taking down $223k while fellow Team Full Tilt Pro Phil Ivey won $83k. Gus Hansen was also in the mix with a $29k victory.

On the losing side were Dan “jungleman12” Cates who posted a rare $267k loss, IHateJuice who dropped $84k onto the tables and psychobenny who donated $$55k.

For more information on the SuperStar Showdown check our online poker stats section.

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