SuperStar Showdown: Isildur1 Silences Tony G

Tony G

Isildur1 survived several early swings to score a decisive win against Tony G in the second edition of the SuperStar Showdown last night.

As per the challenge rules, Isildur1 and Tony G played 2,500 hands on PokerStars, this time half Pot-Limit Omaha and half No-Limit Hold’em at $50/$100 stakes.

The session would end if either player exhausted their $150k bankroll for the event.

Thanks to some fortunate bounces early on Tony G jumped out to a $47k lead on Isildur1 in the first hour of play.

Of course Tony G was spitting out his usual mix of trash talk throughout the session. When Tony G took the early lead in the Showdown he tried to needle Isildur1 about it.

“Tony G: u feeling ok my man?”

“Tony G: u getting owned by a total donk?”

Isildur1 responded by hitting a broadway straight to win a $47k pot, the biggest up to that point.

It didn’t faze Tony G, however, as the Lithuanian would win a $49k pot 15 minutes later. Tony G hit his own straight to take that one down.

As the clock hit 6:30 p.m. EST, Tony G was leading by more than $60k and Isildur1’s entire $150k bankroll was spread on the four tables they were playing.

Isildur1, who is still rumored to be Viktor Blom, was forced to abandon one table because he didn’t have enough to reload.

Despite the fact there were only three tables going, it was around this time that Isildur1 started to turn his fortunes around.

Isildur1 managed to win three pots that were worth $40k each and in just three minutes Tony G’s lead was erased.

From there Isildur1 shifted his game into overdrive and secured the biggest pot in the session – worth $103k.

Isildur1 won the pot with two-pair while Tony G, who 3-bet shoved, elected not to show his cards.

Despite a few comebacks by Tony G, Isildur1 never gave up the lead after that hand.

Near the end of the session Tony G started to gamble and after a few $10,000 coinflips, was actually getting close to even.

Unfortunately for Tony G his luck flipped yet again and Isildur1 started to pull away in the last 600 hands.

When the final hand was completed, after eight hours and 56 minutes of play, Isildur1 was holding on to a $44k lead. Tony G was humble in defeat.

“Tony G: well done.”

“Tony G: let me go and look for my bike.”

Isildur1 is now 1-1 in the SuperStar Showdown with a loss against Isaac Haxton and a win versus Tony G. Isildur1’s next opponent has not been chosen yet but it’s a good bet the player will be announced during the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure later this week.

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