Suicide note describes poker pro's murder

Before attempting to take her life, the wife and alleged killer of professional poker player William Gustafik penned a salacious suicide note detailing the day of the murder and the couple's quest for wealth, beauty and fame.

Jill Rockcastle reportedly e-mailed the letter to her friends, family and lawyer before attempting suicide at a San Luis Obispo bed and breakfast Monday.

Gustafik was found in the couple's luxury Las Vegas condo Friday, dead from several stab wounds to the chest.

In addition to detailing her husband's desire to be beloved by all and appear fabulously wealthy, Rockcastle discusses Gustafik's obsessive custody battle for his 9-year-old daughter. She then accuses him of taking out a contract on the lives his ex-wife and mother, reports the Tri-Valley Herald, which obtained portions of the note.

She also describes her husband's poker career and counters reports of his $165,000 career winnings by saying that Gustafik lost $200,000 in 2007 alone.

The letter says Gustafik's gambling career and desire for opulence saw the couple defaulting on the mortgage for their $6.5 million home and a $2.5 million yacht in Florida, the newspaper reports.

The day of the murder, Rockcastle wrote that Gustafik was angry with her for not having paid his buy-ins at Bellagio's Five Star World Poker Classic.

Rockcastle's attorney told police that, when his client refused to give her husband several thousand dollars the next day, Gustafik became angry and aggressive. A fight ensued in the kitchen that carried over to the bedroom where Rockcastle purportedly stabbed Gustafik three or four times in the upper chest.

She then cleaned up the apartment and left town.

After being released from hospital Wednesday, Rockcastle is now in police custody in Nevada.

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